Approaching A Content Creation and Design Module

The Current Model
The current theme structure with it basically presentation structured templates and supporting style-sheets are the environment in the content creator [ writer, photographer, and/or illustrator ] plug in their creative contributions.

This content creation and presentation system is very limiting in the expression of ideas and creativity. As a visual designer primarily I am very aware of the limitations and restrictions the current editor as a writing environment in providing content oriented presentation and information to the viewer.

We are currently locked into a template based paradigm that separates the creation of textual content and its supporting media from organization of the visual presentation. My current explorations as a visual designer with only HTML and CSS coding as base in creating a visual presentation of the content that reflects the writer’s intentions and ideas.

A preliminary concept for a modular content presentation environment.

I have been monitoring and participating in the #core-editor discussions. I find that the attempt to improve the editing experience reflects a developer based solution to what is a visual design presentation problem with the current prototyping.

It seems that the overall problem of presenting content [textual and images] is still restricted by the lack of direct access to the template system which by definition controls the presentation of the content entered into the database from the ‘editor’ writing  default functions and design.

This is an article in progress that I am publishing as part of my discovery process and conceptual working toward a viable solution that fits with the parameters of the current WordPress template based model.

I see an opportunity develop a modular oriented template system that is exposed with the ‘editing’ environment. I am using this article to think out loud in writing down my thinking without a clear organization model at this time.

A Probe

To create a content model and strategy based workflow that takes into account user experience and the the user journey as informing the creation of the content and its presentation within a ‘content management system’ framework. The control of content development is an important part of the overall design and presentation strategy development.

As part of the conceptual development of an improved content presentation development environment  would lead to the creation of two new [permanent]  roles: publisher and visual designer, along with some modification of  the current editor and contributer roles in terms of access to the editing process and in general other code.


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