Designing for a new era

Thomas UnthankĀ  / 18:20:31 / 02/08/2018

I am busy working on a new website for an organization that will be my first effort of using the new WordPress content editor currently refered to as “Gutenberg”. This moves writing in WordPress in a new direction. The content is contained in ‘blocks’ so each section of content has it own specialized container which can be edited within the block and the blocks themselves are movable and rearrange the sequence of the content without needing to reedit a paragraph or have to select it out of a larger document and cut and paste. You just move the block to a new place in the content sequence.

Having recently used the ‘Gutenberg editor’ on a beta site for a new website for a nonprofit organization. I am discovering it will make me adapt a new approach to writing that will make me work on creating shorter paragraphs that can be rearranged.

In this piece I am attempting to devote a paragraph to a single idea and move on the next idea. This new understanding of structuring my writing is not present in the first paragraph of the article.

This enables me to move away from run-on paragraphs and treat each paragraph as a unique idea and statement. Then if I want move the ideas around it is only connected to the paragraph movement tool and moving it up or down in the organization of “page”.

I have recently looking for a term to replace “page” in my designing and structuring of websites. I am looking at the screen as the container and the notĀ  a structural concept of a page borrowed from the printed book which was borrowed for codex manuscripts.

To be continued

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