Experience Design

As a visual designer working with a client, I find it very it very important to focus both the visual design and content creation process and its presentation.

It is important for the client to focus early on who is his audiences and what kind of experiences they need to go through as they search and encounter the site locking for answers to solve their current problem or expression.

The site visitor does arrive as a ‘blank slate’ in search of an an answer or experience. As content creators and designers we must present cues and direction that guide the visitor to the information and/or the experience are seeking.

The presentation platform can be different [edit note vary] for each visitor seeking answers in their question or interest.

My visual design and aural design experiences started in with the designing of theater sets, costumes and lighting design to deliver the playwrights and the directors vision to the gathered audience.

The creation of the experience on stage is a multilevel design and communication process across multiple process multiple individuals: The playwright who created the adventure, the producer and directors who engage in envisioning the playwright’s intent, words, and idea across to the audience.